Supper Club X: May at ReAnimator Coffee

Birchtree has been brewing ReAnimator‘s amazing roasts at all our events for years, and their new Master St. location in Kensington was the perfect backdrop for Faye + Renee‘s beautiful florals and decor.

The theme for May’s menu was simple: relief. Spring had truly come, with local produce bursting with color, flavor and variety. We looked to capture as much of the available foods as we could with a really varied menu, and temper some of our exuberance with careful, delicate plating. 

Photos | Brae Howard Photography


At the Bar

  • Pink Peppercorn Lemonade
  • Puff Curls black peppercorn rhubarb curls, herb thyme curls


  • Snapper Ceviche: lemon, toasted fennel, oregano
  • Fried Basil Flatbread, aged manchego, charred olive, saffron honey
  • Prosciutto Envelope stuffed with cantaloupe melon with basil cucumber crema


  • Manicotti Piccolo with herbed house ricotta, artichoke pea
  • Watercress Egg Canape, micro salad and herby toast
  • Seared Mahi Mahi with Cucumber Coulis with sorrel and scape pour over with hazelnut crumble
  • Shortribs and Wild Violets with sunchoke puree and grilled asparagus


  • Goat Cheese Budino with caramel and herbed whipped cream


Birchtree is now closed to new inquiries.

Thank you for 15 amazing years!